Double vdubbin’

Meet two definitive motoring icons that together make for the perfect vdub pairing

Can you think of many better pairings of classic vdubs to own than this? The open-top youngtimer and the air-cooled, campervan classic, both motoring icons in their own right. One for summertime drives with modern-day ease of use and the other for weekends away with all the character and fun that comes with driving a truly classic vdub.

Sarah Turner has only just achieved this perfect pairing in the last couple of years, having started with this Mk1 Golf Cabriolet some 17 years ago. ‘I’d always wanted a Volkswagen and I had friends that were in the air-cooled scene, but they didn’t want me having an air-cooled car because I would’ve been a pain in the bum with it!’ she says.

A one-owner, well looked-after example, the Golf was the perfect introduction into vdub life. Initially, it was Sarah’s daily driver. But, as is so often the case with these things, that soon changed and instead the car turned into a quest for show and shine greatness.

‘I stopped using it daily after about five years, when it needed Hammerite around the fuel tank and I got carried away and did all the underneath and the arches as well! Then I decided it couldn’t go in the mud anymore!’

Considering the amazing condition this Cabriolet is in, it’s remarkably original. The Scala wheels have been refurbed and the Clipper kit has been restored, but it still sports its original paint and interior. Not bad at all for a 30-year-old car in the condition that this one is in.

Partnering the Golf for two years now has been ‘Buddy’, a Texas import 1969 Westfalia that isn’t in quite the same immaculate state as the Golf – but, of course, it’s no less desirable because of that; to many that’s where its desirability lies, in fact.

Sarah and her partner bought the bus from Lee Southerton of VolksMagic, after he had imported it from the States through Lonestar and transformed it from tatty barn-find bus into what you see in the pictures.

With a reconditioned 1600 engine, wax-oiled underneath, reground and lacquered patina paintwork and an interior from a donor Westy, it’s ‘a seriously solid bus, despite being 50’ according to Sarah. On top of that, it’s been lowered, fitted with banded rear wheels and has plenty of other desirable additions, so the bus was a completed project ready for action and showing off right from the get-go.

The couple has certainly done that, taking the bus on weekends away, using it for paddleboarding trips and getting it to plenty of VW shows. Vdub ownership done right, in other words. And with the perfect classic vdub pairing.

VDub Details

Golf: Milltek exhaust, strut-brace, uprated lights, chrome engine details

Bus: Reconditioned 1600 engine, reground and lacquered paintwork, banded rear wheels, lowered, donor Westfield interior


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